The internet can be a boon for modern writers, but wading through the slog of a million articles and blog posts that give conflicting advice can be daunting too. One website tells you to do one thing, and the next you click on tells you to do the opposite. What’s a writer to do?

Our contributors at Not That Clever realize how important it is to have support for writing. And this blog is a way for us to connect with other writers, to close the gap between us and see what we can come up with together.

With the wealth of advice and information on the internet, it’s hard to say something that hasn’t been said before. Others wiser and more eloquent have described their writing processes and ways to drum up ideas and inspiration long before the internet was around. Everyone’s put their two cents in, and then some. But there are as many ways to approach writing as there are writers. And sometimes, it takes that specific article, that one sentence that hits you just the right way, to drive the lesson home. Like the time when you were a kid and your mom told you to pursue the jv soccer team or the yearbook club. But it wasn’t until your best friend said the same thing that you actually decided it was a good idea. It just takes a certain presentation of material for it to really click.

Not That Clever strives to bring you a taste of what advice is out there in hopes that some of it will click for you and help you on your way, wherever you are in your process. If you’re not feeling very clever in your own writing, you’re in good company. Let’s see what we can do when we all get together and talk about it.