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How to Listen to Your Writing Like a Music Fan

“Raw. Real. That band was amazing in their early days.” “Middle years were near perfection, though. They became true musicians.” “Now they write soulless stuff. Well-produced. But soulless.” “Happens with all the greats.” “Yeah…then they break up.” This type of… Continue Reading →

Getting to Submitting

This week, a magazine I’ve been eyeing opened its call for submissions after a lengthy hiatus. I have the perfect story ready for it. Or so I thought. Every week during the hiatus, I’d keep checking back anxiously to see… Continue Reading →

Dear Editor: What Savvy Writers Ask for, and Expect, from the Editing Process

Ready for the redline treatment? Before undertaking the often expensive proposition of hiring an editor, it’s best to know ahead of time what exactly you are looking for from the experience. Firstly, there are different kinds of editing—and editors. Some… Continue Reading →

Minding the Muse-ic

Got a song stuck in your head? Think twice before you kick it out. At the start of my current script project, there were two albums I organically gravitated to as background music for my writing. I’d listen to them… Continue Reading →

Love Letters

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought love would be in the air. Surely Cupid would shoot a romantic topic towards me that’d garner admirers. Yet I’m not an easy target when it comes to tales of the heart…. Continue Reading →

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