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How to Listen to Your Writing Like a Music Fan

“Raw. Real. That band was amazing in their early days.” “Middle years were near perfection, though. They became true musicians.” “Now they write soulless stuff. Well-produced. But soulless.” “Happens with all the greats.” “Yeah…then they break up.” This type of… Continue Reading →

Getting to Submitting

This week, a magazine I’ve been eyeing opened its call for submissions after a lengthy hiatus. I have the perfect story ready for it. Or so I thought. Every week during the hiatus, I’d keep checking back anxiously to see… Continue Reading →

LIFELINES: 8 Story Outline Guides

Outlines are meant to be lifelines for our stories. Guides to help us successfully reach “The End” through a sea of wondrous yet often overwhelming possibilities. Still, thinking about these lines can get us tangled up. Some writers resist outlining… Continue Reading →

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