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In Retreat

Retreat. An interesting word. Both an act of moving back, withdrawing, often in defeat—but also a place of safety and reflection. When it comes to the writing retreat kind, perhaps the meaning gets even more complicated. A couple of years… Continue Reading →

Minding the Muse-ic

Got a song stuck in your head? Think twice before you kick it out. At the start of my current script project, there were two albums I organically gravitated to as background music for my writing. I’d listen to them… Continue Reading →

Love Letters

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought love would be in the air. Surely Cupid would shoot a romantic topic towards me that’d garner admirers. Yet I’m not an easy target when it comes to tales of the heart…. Continue Reading →

Year of Using the Guest Towel

I got a beautiful journal from a dear friend, a gift she hoped would help start off the New Year for me with some extra creative spark. She’s always been a big supporter of my writing. Gotta love those friends…. Continue Reading →

The Mythical Beast of Inspiration

Inspiration seems to be the unicorn of writing. A mythical and miraculous beast to behold. And maybe a figment of the imagination. Many writers claim to have had it, and many more search for it in the course of their… Continue Reading →

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