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How to Listen to Your Writing Like a Music Fan

“Raw. Real. That band was amazing in their early days.” “Middle years were near perfection, though. They became true musicians.” “Now they write soulless stuff. Well-produced. But soulless.” “Happens with all the greats.” “Yeah…then they break up.” This type of… Continue Reading →

Feedback and Help

Imagine my stress this week when I sent out my novel draft to five beta readers. Beta readers, those kind souls who donate their time to making your manuscript better before sending it on to the next stage in the… Continue Reading →

Finding the One

When I sit down to write, I get myself into the zone. Perhaps you’ve been there too. A kind of half-meditative, half-creative state where hours fly by and you wake up later wondering where the time went. When I first… Continue Reading →

Tales from the Writing Group

“Start over.” That’s terrifying feedback to get about any project, particularly the creative, soul-baring kind. I was witness to this exact brief critique at a writing group one night. An entire story reviewed in one breath—clever! While not directed at… Continue Reading →

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