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Getting to Submitting

This week, a magazine I’ve been eyeing opened its call for submissions after a lengthy hiatus. I have the perfect story ready for it. Or so I thought. Every week during the hiatus, I’d keep checking back anxiously to see… Continue Reading →

Writing the Small Things

There’s quite a few advice columns that prescribe daily writing. And they’re probably right. Starting that habit is helpful when you’ve decided to write a 100k word novel. How else could you get it done? But I’ve written before about… Continue Reading →

Finish First: Why Writing First Drafts Quickly Puts You Ahead of the Pack

We’ve probably all heard that writing quickly is the best way to actually get to The End. Or, at least, the end of the very first, ugly draft—one we wouldn’t want even our dearest loved ones to see. It’s this… Continue Reading →

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

There’s a book that the Facebook algorithm suggested I may like: Real Artists Have Day Jobs (And Other Awesome Things They Don’t Teach You in School) by Sara Benincasa. It was just launched April 26, 2016 from Harper Collins and… Continue Reading →


Around Mother’s Day, it’s common to think about sending a card—but for scribes looking to expand their resume, it might also be a good time to consider writing a blog post. The phenomenon that is “mommy blogging” isn’t going anywhere…. Continue Reading →

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