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Susan Wright Pollara

17 posts

Susan lives in sunny Hawaii, but loves to write about things that go bump in the night. Once upon a time she studied film and television at UCSD and was a publicist and marketing communications writer with major motion picture companies. After having the privilege to work around professional storytellers, including her post at a literary agency as a script reader, she's giving her fiction pieces a chance as well and was most recently published in HelloHorror. Time with her supportive family is priceless, and it includes a beautiful boy to read books to at night, a husband that listens to endless revisions of her stories with minimal complaint, and a wonderful old dog that reminds them all to stop and smell the flowers.

Carly Dwyer

14 posts

Carly is an aspiring writer in the sci-fi/fantasy genres. She wrote her first novel three years ago, and it's been sitting in a drawer in her desk ever since. Her current work in progress is in its second draft, another novel that's not nearly as embarrassing that she hopes to publish in 2016. In another life, she graduated with a dual bachelor of arts in anthropology and religion from Hartwick College. Then got a master of arts in religions of Asia from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). And finally lost all her marbles and went on to a PhD at Syracuse University, though she left before the degree was conferred. As it turns out, grad school isn't for everyone. But all that time was not for naught. Her higher education produced a love of Sanskrit and Hindi and fairytales and myths and religious philosophy that life without grad school could never have produced. She hopes that this love isn't lost on her writing and brings a deeper dimension to her stories. These days, she builds websites, designs beer labels for her family's business, and writes. And writes. And then plays video games before writing some more.

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