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The internet can be a boon for modern writers, but wading through the slog of a million articles and blog posts that give conflicting advice can be daunting too. One website tells you to do one thing, and the next you… Continue Reading →

The Write Profile: Social Media Strategies for Scribes

I believe I have the right (or write) chops for a new potential freelance assignment, and only need to make the client realize that I’m perfect for the job. A tight resume, some solid writing samples and I should be… Continue Reading →

Query Letters: What an Agency Reader Needed to Learn

I thought I knew a thing or two about query letters. Like what makes for a powerful hook—what basics to include, what to leave out. I’d read stacks of screenplay queries as a literary assistant. And while I didn’t always… Continue Reading →

Location, Location…

I’ve been doing a good deal of traveling this summer, bouncing around. Last week consisted of sweating down the length of California during a heatwave (ensnared in mind-numbing traffic) topped off with a sugar-fueled amusement park day with my son…. Continue Reading →

Night Owls and Morning Larks

Most of my young adult life in college was spent up at all hours of the night, writing papers, reading countless articles from JSTOR, and generally functioning as a night owl. My preferred bedtime was 2 or 3 in the… Continue Reading →

Getting to Submitting

This week, a magazine I’ve been eyeing opened its call for submissions after a lengthy hiatus. I have the perfect story ready for it. Or so I thought. Every week during the hiatus, I’d keep checking back anxiously to see… Continue Reading →

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